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Special Offer!  Start a Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept (PoC) to see if VDI works for you and your team at your organization.

With our new special offer, we can stand up a Proof of Concept (PoC) of Windows Virtual Desktop at your organization for up to 25 users to test.  All expenses (including setup, usage, and cloud) are included in the one low package price of $5,000.

This is a Fully Managed solution, so you don't need people with technical skills to care and feed for it.  Finchloom will provide you with updates to your Virtual Desktops (Including Security Updates and Application Updates), add new software you need to the image, perform monitoring and security of your system, and unlimited user support and training.

If you decide at the end of the PoC that the system isn't for you, we will help you delete it and you will not have to continue to pay for using it.

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Don't Worry What Device They Use

When the need arises for Work From Home, most companies make the mistake of allowing a secured VPN connection from a home computer.  This puts the organization at risk with unmanaged endpoints that have unfiltered access into the network.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, you don't need to worry about what device your employees use at home.  No data or applications ever touch the local computer.   Instead, all the computing power and access to company data and apps takes place INSIDE the secured Windows Virtual Desktop.

Other Great Scenarios:

* Acquisitions or Mergers

* Securing access to developers or vendors

* Temporary New Hire use

Securely Enact "Work From Home"

Instead of allowing all employees to access business apps and data from any device, provide them with a consistent and secure access to a corporate Windows 10 desktop with Office installed to have a seat "on the network" to access cloud resources as well as on-prem resources.

* Pooled or Dedicated Virtual Machines

* Pay for VMs and Storage only

* Disconnect and Reconnect from any device

* Print at Home

* Connect to your On-Prem network to access file shares and line of business apps

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