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WEAVE is a membership program for all customers of Finchloom Subscriptions, Products, and Service Catalog Items.   Once your organization signs up with Finchloom, all licensed users in the organization gain access to members-only benefits such as training and support.  The program is designed to provide personal touch value added service to you and your licensed users to help your Company and IT Admins adopt and consume Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services.


* Unlimited Cloud Break/Fix for Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

* Unlimited Billing and Subscription Support

* Unlimited Access to Finchloom Training Calendar for ALL LICENSED USERS

* Microsoft License and Subscription Cost Analysis

* Microsoft 365 Alert Response (Send us your alerts! We tell you what it means and what to do)


Buy your Microsoft 365 licenses​ from us.

Buy your Azure Subscriptions from us.

Instead of Enterprise Agreement or Direct from Microsoft.

We are an authorized Direct CSP Partner with Microsoft and can offer significant discounts when you buy in volume or when you bundle our other services.

We offer flexibility in our CSP Program such as month-to-month or annual billing and license changes mid-term.

All subscriptions get you and your company into the Finchloom WEAVE program including access to Microsoft Premier Support and Finchloom Training.

Microsoft Licensing is like rocket science.  We know Microsoft Cloud Licensing better than anyone​.



These are exclusive products developed by Finchloom using Microsoft Technology.  These products are designed to bring security and productivity to your organization and work in conjunction with Microsoft Subscriptions.

* Finchloom PhishPrevent - Our complete End User Security Awareness and Email Security product.   Keep your employees aware and protected with scheduled Email Phishing Simulations and an Outlook Add-In to report potential Phishing Email.  Our team will review the submissions to help keep your company safe.



Simple projects for Microsoft 365 and Azure - packaged and delivered for a fixed price.

Review the Service Catalog for add-on products and services.

* Moves/Adds/Changes for Microsoft 365 and Azure

* Security Configurations for Microsoft 365 and Azure

* Azure Premier Support

* Azure Managed Services

* Custom Training