Security and Compliance

We deliver top security solutions, advice, and guidance around the Microsoft stack of products - whether it's on-premise Active Directory, or Microsoft/Office 365, or an Azure Cloud/Hybrid Infrastructure.

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Regulatory Compliance

Help your Business comply with regulations

* HIPAA   * SOX   * PCI   * GDPR

Our Security team will work with you to understand your regulatory requirements and develop solutions to help you achieve compliance.

Attack Detection and Prevention

Most hackers rely on being invisible so they can move around across your apps and infrastructure.  Our solutions will help you and your IT Team detect attacks and prevent them.  

* Multi Factor Authentication

* Phishing Tests

* Attack Simulator (Red Team Exercise)

It's amazing what you'll see

Data Control and Protection

Your data needs to be protected.  Don't risk data leakage or uncontrolled access to company data.   Our solutions help you Encrypt your data as well as keep governance and control over the data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

* Email and File Encryption

* Categorization and Policy based Protection

* Automatically Protect Sensitive Data 

Identity Protection

Find out how to best protect your identities - from users to admins.  We have tools that will help lock down user access and detect who is accessing your critical apps and infrastructure.

* Conditional Access

* Multi Factor Authentication

* Risk based Logon protection

* Just in Time Admin Privileges

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