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The New Finchloom Security Practice

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Before I go into our big news, I just wanted you to know that I'll be giving out my password LIVE on the Internet this Friday October 5th.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get on to the big news.

October is my favorite month for many reasons - Halloween and all the festive events centered around inescapable mazes and zombies, season premieres of my favorite shows, Pumpkin Spice Latte, a lot of the great new music releases happen in October, and of course - National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

And in that spirit, it is my pleasure to announce that we have developed a Security Practice at Finchloom - part of our three-prong approach to our assist our clients. The three practice areas are - Security, Azure Apps & Infrastructure, and Modern Desktop. We’ll tell you more about Azure Apps & Infrastructure and Modern Desktop later. For now, this is all about Security.

With the launch of the Security Practice, we have hired a CISSP certified expert and long-time champion of Microsoft cloud, Trevor Smith. He is going to lead our Security Practice and develop the solutions that we will offer to our clients centered around the Microsoft Security story. Trevor is fresh back from the annual Microsoft Ignite Conference and is in the loop with all the latest from Microsoft Security.

If you haven’t heard some of the great stories coming out of the annual Microsoft Ignite conference, you should have a look or schedule a call with Trevor to hear about it. Security is no longer a boutique icing on the cake - it is now omnipresent and necessary in everything we do now in business. Think about it. What are the most hacked things? Users, Workstations, Email! This is why our Finchloom WEAVE and FLIGHT programs are designed to introduce both Security Detection and Protection to your organization using both Azure and Microsoft 365. Trevor and his team have developed proprietary Finchloom methods to protect your Users, Workstations, Email - and MORE - your files, your applications, and your servers.

Already in the first month working with us, Trevor and the Finchloom Security practice have uncovered Email spoofing attempts, Phishing Email attempts, Identity compromise, and even an extortion attempt - all of which we were able to assist our clients in locking down and putting into place protection and detection methods to increase their security.

Also, Microsoft has assigned one of their top Security Architects and Evangelists, the renowned and often published Matt Soseman ( - who is guiding us on the best practices and input from the product teams so we can deliver “Microsoft” Certified Security Solutions.

There is no better time to take a look at your organization’s security posture in the cloud. With all the hacking going on around the world, you must apply the MODERN protections and detection tools. It’s no longer a “complex password and a firewall” kind of world like it was for so many years. You must now protect across the board from many different places - especially the cloud.

We are now helping our clients by getting Microsoft to pay for Security Assessments with Trevor and his team until the end of the year - so be sure to get on the list. It’s not only fun to get Microsoft to pay for things, but we can also help you protect your users and your data - which makes me happy.

And finally, to wrap this piece up the way it was started, since it is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are determined to spread to word to as many people as possible. This week, I will be performing another famous Finchloom STUNT - and I will be giving out my password live on the Internet. During the show, we will demonstrate the Microsoft technologies we use to detect and protect from this type of hacking and we will show that the era of protecting with just a password are over.

Tune in on Friday October 5th @ 9am Pacific Time to witness this Finchloom STUNT. Tell all your co-workers and friends to watch and learn!




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