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The Finchloom Show

We are committed to educating and bringing security awareness to the masses - especially people who work for organizations that use Microsoft technology. We are going to start up a weekly YouTube show called "The Finchloom Show".


It is intended as a short 10 minute video talk show hosted by The Cloud King himself - Jim Richardson. Along for the ride are two of our CloudOps associates - Emely our Cloud Trainer, and Bilal, our primary Cloud Administrator.

We will talk about Phishing attacks we have seen and how to spot them, we will share technology horror stories so you don't have to repeat them, and we will have the occasional productivity tip for everyone who uses Microsoft technology. The things we are talking about in this show can just as easily apply to your personal lives as well - as security is important as part of your total lifestyle.

This is a show for all ages and for all people. Security is not something we can rely on machines alone to provide. We must also become smart humans and be able to detect and protect ourselves from these daily attacks that are trying to steal our identities or information.

The whole point of the Finchloom Show is to brainwash you into becoming part of the new Security Culture - where you are a confident user of technology who can spot fraud and attempts to trick you - and you know exactly how to respond and handle those situations. It's time to join the resistance and stop letting the hackers win.

Subscribe now to our YouTube channel to get updates when we go live with a new weekly show and be sure to spread the word - the Finchloom Show is for everyone.

Happy New Year!


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