• Jim Richardson

Second Half of 2018

I am sitting inside an RV camping and using my hotspot to write a blog on my second to last day of vacation. I have just tried a new technology inside Microsoft Teams that I am calling "The best thing since Phone was added to Skype for Business". It is the Teams Live Event. And though it may not be for everyone, it's going to change my life. I really think Teams is going to overtake Outlook as the #1 tool that people turn to at the start of work. But enough about that for now....let's take a step back.

I started Finchloom over 5 years ago to teach people how to use Microsoft Office 365. We've achieved great things together with our clients. Through our WEAVE program, we have IT Admins who are setting up modern security tools to stop breaches, we have helped organizations adopt new tools for sharing files, communicating with one another, and working anywhere. We have worked with thousand of different users from hundreds of organizations and not only helped fix issues, but showed the way how to use cloud.

Now, for the Second Half of 2018 we are going to focus on "What's Next". It will be the most ambitious and expansive project we've undertaken yet and I am going to share the details a little each week. Here's are some summaries of what I'll be sharing next week and every week thereafter:

* People - We have to start with great people. I have started a search around the U.S. for great people to help us with our vision. I have some really great news to share on this front in the coming weeks.

* Places - Not only is our State-of-the-Art Modern Office undergoing a change, but we are also looking for other places to do great things ;)

* Microsoft 365 - Modern Desktop. The Finchloom Modern Desktop will include Email, Files, Meetings, Phone - and so much more all based on Office 365, Enterprise Mobility & Security, and Windows 10 - including our best ever WEAVE program with MANAGE, TEACH, SUPPORT.......and......

* Security - We are starting a new Security Practice in Finchloom! It will be the fourth pillar of our WEAVE program and also we are building out a whole menu of engagements that we can provide to all types of organizations. Our amazing partner Microsoft has assigned us people to help build out this practice and we can't wait to deliver some of the things they are showing us!

Finally - I want to ask a favor... Would you subscribe to this blog? Just click above to sign-up and every time I post you'll get an email. My aim is to write one blog or record one video each week and post it here. Really looking forward to talking again soon!




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