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Happy Sixth Birthday Finchloom


This is the transcript of the LIVE Webinar we aired April 1 2019 (You can watch the 20 minute replay and meet Finchloom below)


Hello - My name is Jim Richardson, founder and CEO of Finchloom in Los Angeles and we are LIVE on Microsoft TEAMS streaming out to the Internet.  Finchloom is a 100% Microsoft Partner who helps customers migrate to the Cloud and realize the value of their investments by helping IT and End Users Adopt to become more productive and secure at work and today, April 1st 2019 marks the SIXTH Anniversary of Finchloom becoming a business!

Some of you who have been friends with us for some time might recall that I had sent an Annual Birthday Letter to “Friends of Finchloom” the first four birthdays but I didn’t write one last year for the fifth birthday.   Well, this has been the most incredible year in the history of Finchloom so I thought I’d write a Sixth letter.  It’s kinda like how Apple and Microsoft just jumped over “9” and went to 10.  hehe.

And what was so great about the past year?   A few things.  We actually doubled AGAIN - making this now 2 years in a row now…AND we are on target to do it again this year!   We opened a presence in Boston and now have customers from coast to coast!  We hired a bunch of new people and it’s crazy that we now have 13 full time employees and 3 contractors that we work with - along with nearly 80 amazing clients and customers.

Also, last year we solidified our product offerings into three different practice areas aligned with Microsoft – each focused on a different business need and technology and I’d like to tell you a little about them:

First – the original practice that started it all – the Modern Workplace practice area.  In the Modern Workplace Practice, we migrate Email and Files to Office 365, we Deploy Windows 10 with AutoPilot technology, we push out Office to PCs/Macs and Mobile Devices and we manage it all with Microsoft Intune for mobility across all devices.  This practice area strives to implement the best modern tools for end users to be the most productive they can be.  We even developed a Cloud Managed Service Program called Finchloom WEAVE to help companies Manage, Teach and Support their cloud journey.  

Second – the Azure Apps & Infrastructure practice area.  Here, we are telling customers across the US to “Get Rid of Their Servers” and migrate their workloads to Azure.  We do "lift and shift” migrations of entire datacenters to Azure, we also migrate Business Applications into Azure as VMs or Software as a Service, and we extend existing on-premise environments to use Microsoft Azure for more storage capacity and recovery capabilities with ease.  I like to say “You can either keep your money in a metal box under your bed, or you can put it in a bank” - I say the same with servers and apps – you can keep your critical business apps and data on a server tucked away in a storage closet at your office location, or you can move it to Azure.  We’ve developed Finchloom FLIGHT to provide project services to customers of all sizes to migrate to the cloud.

Finally – our Third Practice Area is SECURITY.  Many of you might not have heard the Microsoft Security Story lately.  Security has gone entirely beyond the network perimeter and is now a critical component of any business operating today.  From protecting identities, to detecting breaches – our Security team will help you understand where you stand from a security standpoint and give you the advice and expertise you need to protect your business data and employees.

With our practice areas solidified, and with that number of clients growing, this seemed like perhaps the last chance for Brian and me to hit the road and visit each and every client.  And since we are going to be out and about, it seemed like the perfect time to put together some in-person events in Los Angeles and Boston to promote our Practice Areas.  We wanted to make these events so unique and special as to lure you away from your busy work at your office to come out and see us.  So we have a very special announcement to make:


Today marks the official start to the Finchloom / Microsoft Cloud US Tour 2019.  This tour will run from April to November 2019 and will include 6 in-person events in LA and Boston, 4 live webinars hosted by yours truly, and as I already mentioned – Brian and Jim will schedule onsite appointments with each of our existing clients to catch-up and share some great new things we are working on with Microsoft.  

Let’s take a look at the lineup of events - We are planning to do live events in Boston and Los Angeles at some really unique and cool places - not the usual steakhouse in the private room with the VGA projector and tube television on a big metal stand with wheels.   In fact, we’ve already booked our first event in May in Los Angeles - and I can’t wait to announce the location and date.  You’ll be able to sign-up on our website once it’s announced.  It should be soon.

I put this US TOUR concept together to merge many of my loves - music, touring, cloud services, and Microsoft - and bring that to you over the next several months.  I even custom designed a T-Shirt for the tour (Shown here) - we made 100 of them and I’m hoping that we give them all out on the tour.  I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of you and hopefully you’ll come to our events - both in person and online.  When we have more information about the events, we will make announcements and place a sign-up form on our website so you can reserve your spot.  We expect there to be a lot of anticipation and excitement for these events, so make sure you don’t miss out.


Most of you know Brian Levine - he’s been my main business friend and partner for the better of 15 years now.  He sets em up - I knock em down - so to speak.  We worked so well together at or former employer that we decided to keep things going and joined forces here at Finchloom.   While he started out as the “Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing”, he reached out to his network of business contacts and brought the story of Finchloom to a great number of companies.

This really was our growth pattern with the business too - Brian set em up and I knocked em down.  These days, Brian finds himself taking over all the business operations which include not only sales and marketing, but also finance, HR, facilities to name a few.  This allows me to focus on Marketing - which is something I really have a passion for (But more on that later)…

So since Brian has taken on so many new responsibilities, the board of directors at Finchloom have decided that it was fitting to change Brian’s title to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Finchloom.   (Hold for applause).  What an amazing achievement by such an amazing man.  Thank you, Brian for everything you have contributed to this company and for your friendship. 


Now, back to me taking over marketing.  You might have noticed that our website isn’t “standard” or conventional - and hopefully neither is our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.  That’s because I am the marketing force at the moment for Finchloom and I’m trying to be different.  I am not a marketing expert, but I do have a passion for putting on a show.  So I will be the one blogging, sending marketing email, posting videos, social media, etc…and I hope to make it really fun and exciting while also spreading the great word about Microsoft Cloud.

It’s so great that you are watching this Happy Birthday Finchloom Webinar!

I also wanted to take a minute to encourage you to watch our what we are doing from a couple of different angles:

We have a Facebook page: - This is more for “fun” things like technology fails, or impressive things that aren’t really business related.  Plus, it does have our important announcements and links to our Events.

We also have a LinkedIn page: - This is where we’re going to be posting more “IT” related things about Microsoft Cloud and it will also have our important announcements and Events.

And finally, our YouTube channel - - All our videos will go here and you can subscribe on your TV and watch us at home.  Much more coming to YouTube this year!

And finally, it brings me to #HBFL6.  5 years ago, for the company’s first birthday I put an ad on the Internet to pay people $5 to send me a short video of themselves saying “Happy Birthday Finchloom”.   So to celebrate the Sixth Birthday of Finchloom, I thought I’d do something similar but this time instead of hiring random people from around the world, I hired some people that some of you may have heard of.  I call it #HBFL6 - Happy Sixth Birthday Finchloom!

Thank you all for your continued support of Finchloom and Microsoft.  We are so happy to be able to provide great services for you.  I wish you all a prosperous springtime and let’s get together this summer!

Thank you 



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