• Jim Richardson

Great Microsoft Announcements from Ignite!

Finchloom has sent our secret spy to Orlando this year to get all the pertinent information being shared at Microsoft's annual #Ignite2018 conference. We are going to update you on his identity as he presents a full report after the conference is done.

But in the meantime, I wanted to point out three really great announcements:

1) StaffHub will be integrated into Teams! It continues to push our theme around #ModernDesktop and give users a central hub for teamwork including their team schedules and a place to enter their time!

2) #AzureInfrastructure Virtual Desktops are here! I remember years ago there was only one provider of "rent a virtual desktop" for the masses and it wasn't very good - but now Microsoft is promising a great way to provide your employees, contractors, and vendors a secured virtual Windows and Office experience - that you control and keep consistent.

3) #MicrosoftSecurity announces more shifting away from traditional passwords! A few years ago, the US Government agency of standards announced that the old way of thinking about passwords is done - and Microsoft posted their guidance that is similar. Remember how you used to have to make something 8 characters, 3 of 4 "special" characters, and change it every 90 days? Well, that just made people change the last number every 90 days and the passwords wasn't really secure. Now, with 2 factor authentication, we can just make longer and easier to remember passwords and use it with our mobile device to push authenticate. Or, perhaps even do away with a password all together and use your mobile device with a PIN, FaceID or TouchID. Great stuff coming all around with Microsoft Security.

Did you notice the three hash tags above? Those are our practice areas at Finchloom. For more information now on our Security Practice, go to our website.

Next month is October - National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Not only do we have some great information about how to get Microsoft to pay for a security assessment for you, we will again post detailed information from our spy who is there at #MSIgnite onsite.

Spread the word about Microsoft 365, Teams and Azure! It's going to be a great 2019.


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