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Finchloom STUNT - Jim Posts Employee's Personal and Salary Info Online!


Los Angeles, USA, May 23, 2019 - ​​​Mesmerizing, headline-making "Cloud King" Jim Richardson will again push the limits of Microsoft Technology, attempting to protect private and confidential data that is posted online in public.  Jim will create an Excel spreadsheet containing all the Finchloom Employee's Personal Information and Salaries.  Then, using a special Microsoft protection called Azure Information Protection, he will apply a special permission to the Excel document to protect it no matter where it is.  Finally, this document will be posted on the website for the world to download and attempt to open.

Richardson's daring STUNT - - the first of its kind to be done on live webcast - - will take place in full public view online.  Participants of the webinar will have the opportunity to interact by downloading the file from Finchloom's website and attempting to open it.  The spellbinding Richardson, whose breathtaking live STUNT to infect himself with Malware LIVE in 2017 stunned technology and security professionals and kept people around the country in suspenseful disbelief for a week, will again put Microsoft to the test.

Richardson, who has been preparing by preparing his employees for days by promising them that the Microsoft Security will protect their data has gone through several internal tests of the Azure Information Protection.  But we have not tried to protect a document that is then released into the wild like this before.

Azure Information Protection works by applying encryption to the Excel sheet.  Then, special rights are given so that any other people who have been given rights to the document cannot copy, print or save the contents to another document or device.   Also, Richardson can monitor online the attempts that are being made to open the document and even revoke the access that is given at any time.

On this new Finchloom STUNT, the riveting master cloud magician will continue to captivate, astound and seduce people with his distinctive style of cloud technology and plain english explanation that expands understanding of the cloud to a general audience.  This time, Richardson hopes to make an impact on people's lives with a new offering that will change how we look at permissions and structuring of folders and files at work. 

Richardson's last STUNT he gave out his password LIVE online to prove that the password is no longer the ONLY thing you need to protect your data.  People watched in awe and wonder as this password seemed to work but was blocked by the second form of authentication required my the code on his mobile device. 

Richardson founded Finchloom in 2013 and became a Cloud Only 100% Microsoft Gold Partner helping customers of all sizes migrate to the Cloud and then Manage, Teach, and Support their IT Admins and End Users.  You can also watch Richardson on the current weekly YouTube show on the Finchloom YouTube channel.


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