Welcome to Finchloom PhishPrevent

Your company has signed up with Finchloom to provide you with ongoing training and protection against today's biggest threat - Email Phishing and identity theft.  It is our goal to educate you about the latest Email threats and social engineering tricks so you can spot them and report them to us so we can together protect your organization. 


Use the resources on this page to introduce you to the features and capabilities of the PhishPrevent service from Finchloom.

If you have any questions about the service please don't hesitate to email or call support@finchloom.com or (844) FINCHLOOM.  We are your new security threat hunting team and we're here to stand behind you!

Welcome to PhishPrevent

Using Your Outlook Button to Report Phishing

We've now givenyou a tool to combat phishing attempts.  We don't expect you to know all the answers, so we have a team of threat hunters who will help you determine if an email is a threat or not and take appropriate action.  Watch how it works.

How the Cybersecurity Ongoing Awareness and Training works

Each month we will send you simulated phishing Emails to test your awareness and ability to spot an attack.  If you spot the attack, you should report it and get recognized.  If you don't report the email and click on it, don't worry - we won't hack your computer but instead will take you to a training website to point out the elements of the email to look for next time.

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