Finchloom's PhishPrevent Managed Email and Identity Protection Service

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Phishing is the Enemy! Fight Back with our New Outlook Add-In Combined with Phishing Security Awareness and Simulations!​


Phishing is now the leading cause of password leaks that hackers use to infiltrate your network to spy, steal data, or even apply ransomware to your business-critical data causing huge losses.​

We have seen too many successful breaches of our customer environments where they were hit with ransomware and either had to pay up or suffer the time to recover.  But now we have a defense system!​


Finchloom's PhishPrevent is a cloud solution built upon Microsoft technology that integrates with Outlook to give ALL your employees a button to report suspicious Email asking, “Is This Safe?”​

Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence and human threat hunters, we will analyze the Email’s contents and report back to the user who submitted (within 20 minutes) giving them peace of mind as to whether the reported email is safe.  ​


If the Email turns out to be Phishing, we can remove it from all affected user mailboxes on your system, so no one falls victim.

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