Azure Cloud Platform Prices Slashed: Microsoft Cloud Even Smarter Move

Posted by Jim Richardson on Oct 11, 2016 2:45:00 PM in Microsoft Products

azure-cloud-platformIf you’ve ever considered moving your server to the Cloud, now is the time—Microsoft is lowering their Azure cloud platform prices as part of their commitment to making their product available to customers at the most reasonable prices to date.

Why Should You Transition to Microsoft Cloud?

There are many reasons to make the transition from your onsite servers to the Cloud; should you choose to move your business to Microsoft Cloud, not only will you eliminate power and battery backup costs, you’ll never have to think about tape backup and offsite storage again. Gone are the days of being tethered to an onsite server. Even better, you’ll no longer have to spend a huge chunk of your business capital to buy an updated, state-of-the-art, very expensive server every 3-5 years.

By moving your server to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, you will immediately be creating a brand-new disaster recovery plan and you’ll be using a service that will keep your servers up and running with 99.99% uptime. Once your server is virtualized and put in the cloud, Finchloom can do simple backups of the Virtual Machines (VM) and provide the ability to keep it available even during scheduled maintenance.

You can even create site-to-site VPN connections to Azure or access it over the Internet so your legacy applications will still function the way you are used to. Think of it as just moving your servers to a datacenter – one that is multi-million dollar strong and built for you by the experts in cloud: Microsoft.

Now is the Time to Make the Move to Azure Virtual Machines

If you don’t have a Virtual Machine software (VM), you’re in luck. Now is the time to shop!

These price reductions of Microsoft VMs make the decision to move to the Cloud an even more logical and cost effective decision.  With the lower prices, Microsoft announced in November the "Av2" series will be released and this new series will be another 36% off  the already slashed prices of the A series Standard VM prices! Here is an overview of the Azure Virtual Machine categories and the amazing price reductions you can take advantage:

  • Entry-level Compute Tier: The A series VMs (A1 & A2)--Prices are slashed by 50%
  • General-Purpose Tier: The Dv2 series VMs is our general-purpose tier, with more memory and local SSD storage than A series--Prices reduced by up to 15%
  • Compute Optimized Tier: The F series VMs provide an even higher CPU-to-memory ratio with a lower price than the Dv2 series--Prices reduced by up to 11%
  • Av2 Series: Introducing the NEW Av2 Series, coming November 2016--Prices up to 36% lower than the new 50% off pricing of the A1 & A2 VMs

What does this price change mean for small businesses? Well, the price drop means that our small business friends can finally be rid of their on-site servers; at last, Finchloom can move them all to Azure to instantly gain high availability, simpler licensing, and higher performance.

For customers using Windows Server with Software Assurance Microsoft’s Azure Hybrid Use Benefit makes it more affordable to transition to the cloud than ever before. Imagine enjoying the many benefits of the Windows Server workload for nearly half the cost. You can utilize the on-premises Windows Server licenses (which include Software Assurance), and you’ll only have to pay the base compute rate, not the complete annual cost of a virtual machine.

All that’s required to us Azure Hybrid Use Benefit is that you determine your eligibility, meaning that you can run just two virtual machines with up to 8 cores apiece, or one virtual machine with as many as 16 cores—if you’re using more than that, this isn’t the program for you. You must upload the image files, using Windows PowerShell to create the Windows Server virtual on-premises machine, and upload it to Azure. All of your charges will be generated at the non-Windows virtual machine rates!

Free Assessment of Your Current Infrastructure to Cut IT Costs

azure-scalable-platformAre you interested in learning more about what Microsoft Azure can do for you and your organization? Are you convinced that it’s time for you to make your move to the Cloud?

Finchloom will perform a complimentary assessment for you. Utilizing a new assessment tool that runs on your current infrastructure (Virtual or On-Premise) and detects all your current servers and workloads we will create and provide a comprehensive report for you--including performance gathering, application dependencies, and network needs.

Finchloom can output a report showing your current infrastructure and what it would require, and cost, to run it on Azure--or we will demonstrate even greater savings by optimizing your Azure workloads and cutting your IT costs!

Get your free, customized report today and learn what it will cost to move your servers to Azure.

Call us at 844-FINCHLOOM, or start by requesting a no-obligation Cloud Platform Consultation to answer your questions about Azure or anything related to your business moving to the cloud--nothing salesy, just time for you to get the answers you need to make the best decision. 


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