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New Office 365 Features for Better Employee Collaboration (Part 2)

Microsoft has rolled out a number of new features to its Office 365 suite of products and has announced more to be added in early 2017. While most apps have at least a few changes, the focus of this major overhaul has been enhancing collaboration and employee communication for Microsoft's small business to enterprise level users.
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Microsoft Cloud: New Features for Better Collaboration

Microsoft Office has long been a catalyst for improving productivity at work.  Recent upgrades and new and innovative applications have helped Office 365 become the most well-rounded workplace performance platforms on the market.

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Azure Cloud Platform Prices Slashed: Microsoft Cloud Even Smarter Move

If you’ve ever considered moving your server to the Cloud, now is the time—Microsoft is lowering their Azure cloud platform prices as part of their commitment to making their product available to customers at the most reasonable prices to date.

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Gartner Names Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Leader

As business owners to CIOs ask how, not whether, to adopt the cloud, their digital business transformation journey always leads to embracing platform services that transform business productivity and customer engagment experiences. Customers look for and want a a vendor that not only understands the broad spectrum of cloud needs, but is a leader in meeting those needs.

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