Migrating File Share to 

SharePoint & OneDrive

Safeguard Your Digital Assets With SharePoint & OneDrive

In the business world, the proper storage and management of vital documents and other digitized materials is a matter of pressing importance. Organizations cannot afford to lose or mishandle critical assets such as contracts, proprietary files, and sensitive data. Unfortunately, keeping all these materials under control can be difficult. One problem is simple mechanical failure—a crashed hard drive can be disastrous if no backups exist. Another problem is the threat posed by cybercriminals and other malicious actors operating through the Internet.

How can a company preserve its files and maintain an adequate degree of cybersecurity? Finchloom has the answer. We’ve helped many businesses migrate their valuable digital assets to SharePoint and OneDrive. These two Microsoft products provide organizations with a wealth of tools to store and access their files in a safe and secure manner.

Though similar in some ways, and each belonging to the Microsoft 365, SharePoint and OneDrive are distinct products with very different functionality. What follows is a brief overview of their features and comparative benefits.

Migrating File Shares to SharePoint & OneDrive


About SharePoint

Released in 2001, SharePoint is a web-based platform that, as its name suggests, is primarily intended for file-sharing and other collaborative functions. The platform comes with a number of useful features, including document management tools (e.g., searching, archiving, and real-time editing), intranet portal, project scheduling, shared mailboxes, and social collaboration. SharePoint is highly scalable and customizable. It can be easily configured via web browser interface, enabling the user(s) to create and delete materials, view analytics, enable/disable features, and perform a multitude of additional tasks. All materials can be uploaded to the Microsoft SharePoint cloud for secure storage.

About OneDrive

Another quality Microsoft release, OneDrive is a file-hosting service that first hit the market in 2007. It differs from SharePoint in having been designed not as a file-sharing tool but primarily as a storage site maintained by a single user, although collaborative editing options are available. OneDrive can hold a variety of digital files, such as photos, videos, documents (including PDF and ODF), and BitLocker recovery keys, in a secure cloud environment. Files and documents stored in OneDrive can be synced to a user's device for easy management. The service also comes with a number of editing tools and client apps.

Businesses can turn to Finchloom, a Microsoft Certified Partner, for help in setting up these powerful services and obtaining the full range of benefits that come with Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive cloud storage. We’ll help you migrate your files to a secure cloud-based environment, and provide ongoing management of these solutions for you. It’s a cost-effective, hassle-free way to safeguard your organization’s digital assets. Contact us today!


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