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Based in Los Angeles and serving businesses nationwide, Finchloom provides cloud services IT support so that business owners and leaders can focus on the business itself. In addition to our MANAGE and SUPPORT components, we also offer customized professional IT services.   All IT support services are fully managed and supported by Finchloom--you won't find any off shore or outsourced support here.

Any one of our four WEAVEâ„¢ managed services bundles come with the MANAGE and SUPPORT components, but you can also choose both as a la carte' add-on services to any cloud subscription.

Our full range of IT support services options for your business include:

MANAGE: Complete Cloud Services Administration

Our MANAGE component guarantees that the cloud services needs of your business will be managed by Finchloom. This means that all the configurations and administration required to operate the service will be handled by us. This includes the creation of new users, onboarding and offboarding new users, and the configuration of your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

These are examples of the service components that we configure and manage under your direction:

  • Archiving for long term storage of old mail and files
  • Compliance Rules to preserve mail and files - even if deleted or leave the company
  • Prevent credit card numbers, or other personal information from being emailed (Data Loss Prevention DLP) or made secure if saved in a file
  • Encrypt email and files
  • Conference Room and Resource Booking
  • Calendaring (Sharing and Group Calendars)
  • Global Address Book updating and cleanup
  • Message Trace, Auditing, File Access Log
  • eDiscovery and Multi Content Search
  • Mailbox and site level backup
  • SharePoint Site Management and Intranet build
  • Adding and integrating Cloud Apps into portal

We even include the management of basic change requests in our business cloud IT support. Do you need to create new groups, apply security, search for data, or provide usage reports? We can make it all work for you.

SUPPORT: Full Business IT Support Services for the Cloud

Finchloom's SUPPORT component is a leader in IT support services in Los Angeles providing full support to all aspects of our cloud platform services--it is full blown end user support for any device from anywhere.

A named contact from each client will be able to call, email and chat 24/7 to report service interruption or any other issues related to the operation of your service. We have the ability to instantly escalate to Microsoft Level 3 on critical issues, saving you valuable time.

We also offer an optional 24/7 End User Helpdesk that your end users may contact to get help on anything related to their PC, Mac or mobile device.

You can with the knowledge that your cloud services IT support will not let you down.

IT Professional Services

Finchloom offers professional services that are primarily designed to work with IT Managers or Directors at larger organizations that have an existing in-house IT Department or a large user base of 200 to 2000+.

  • One-Time Projects - Upgrades, Implementations, Modifications to on premise Infrastructure or Applications
  • Staff Augmentation - Interim CIO, Helpdesk, Administration
  • Patch Management - We manage your existing Patching system, or build a new one for you
  • Network Monitoring - We manage your existing Monitoring system, or build a new one for you
  • Mobile Device Management - We manage your existing MDM system, or build a new one for you

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