Digital Business Transformation

We are living in an unprecedented age, an age in which the impact of the digital economy is significant. Tools that are designed for digital use have completely invaded most companies, forcing us to change the methods we use to work, communicate, and conduct transactions. Digital business transformation, or cloud transformation, has created an exciting new challenge for companies around the globe.

New Opportunities and Challenges

There are definite benefits to digital business transformation; it can extend the reach of your organization, aid you in making better management decisions, and increase the rapidity of new product development. However, the speed of all of this change can be challenging for the traditional business model. It’s up to you to walk the tightrope between the adoption of digital business transformation and the traditional analog method of doing business—you must have a defined business strategy to utilize its strengths even as you allay the challenges.

Our Vision

At Finchloom, we understand that your business is made up of people, and these people are your greatest commodity. We envision an IT transformation that will effectively incorporate digitization into your company’s day-to-day interactions. We know that digital transformation will impact every tier of your organization as well as its supply chain; as a leading expert in digital business transformation in LA, Finchloom is in a position to help you make this change as smooth as possible.

Bringing Digital and Transformation Together

Finchloom’s years of experience in the digital economy mean that we’re poised to prepare you for digital business transformation; you will bring about a new and improved line of products, services, and processes when you embrace digitization.

To this end we provide the following Cloud and Digital Business Transformation consulting services:

Business Assessment

When you opt to utilize our business assessment program, we then interview the company from the bottom up, searching for risks. We then document the paths we recommend that will transform your business and completely modernize your current technology.

Speaking Engagements

This option brings our experts to you; we can speak to your board of directors, a company event, or even private seminars with your IT department. We’re also open to more formalized training in a classroom setting, if that’s your preference.

Digital Business Transformation FAQ

Do you offer cloud digital business transformation services specific to the legal industry?

Yes, Finchloom does have specific solutions that are unique for the legal industry including a SharePoint based “Matter Center” for document management of matters and client files – easily accessed by any device, secure, and shareable with clients.
We also utilize LawToolBox, which is built into Outlook and makes deadline management simple.
We have helped smaller firms go paperless with scanning solutions. We have worked with many law firms over the last 20 years and understand how they operate and the special needs of attorneys.


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