Los Angeles IT Services

As companies in Los Angeles and the rest of the U.S. continue to take advantage of the latest information technology solutions, some common questions emerge from their leadership teams or in-house IT admins:

  • Which IT solutions or services are ideally suited to our unique ­­challenges or needs?
  • What’s the smartest way to implement and manage these ideal IT solutions?­­
  • Which of these tasks should we outsource to a local IT services company (or not)?

…and the list goes on.

At Finchloom, we’ve dedicated our careers to answering these difficult questions while providing the IT services needed to drive them to a cost-effective resolution. Much of our success stems from our decades of IT and computer networking experience, while the remainder comes from the trust and communication we receive from our clients.

IT Professional Services & Projects

Whether we’re working as a complete IT services team or in tandem with in-house IT professionals, our mission is to consistently deliver the highest value partnership possible from any IT services company, not just those based in L.A, but nationwide.

Some of the information technology services we provide:

  • Managed Services - Straight-forward, fixed-fee IT management services bundles for the Microsoft Cloud Platform means smarter budgeting, comprehensive coverage and simpler scalability.
  • IT Transformation & Change Management Services - Also called Digital Business Transformation or Cloud Transformation, helping businesses smoothly adopt and transition into a fully cloud enabled IT environment.
  • IT Support - Reliable tech support services for employees or customized support for IT Managers or Directors with in-house IT Admins.
  • IT Training Services - Training courses on today’s most popular IT and Microsoft cloud solutions, designed for users of all skill levels and roles.

Finchloom can also help you with a number of more focused IT projects centered around implementations, integrations, migrations, network security, disaster recovery and more.

Contact us today to speak with one of our lead IT consultants and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, put together a quote for IT services or make recommendations to help you navigate the often complex world of IT.

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