Finchloom has teamed up with Microsoft to deliver virtual webinar events over the next five weeks.   Our MAIN GOAL with these webinars is to help you get free money to help pay for these solutions.  Our SECOND GOAL with this series is to help organizations cut overall IT spend while improving digital capabilities and preventing large unexpected costs in the future.  Please, won't you join us?

Once you register for the event, an Email will be sent to you with the link to the live event.

If you work for a company who is still operating during the crisis, or if you own a business that needs help transforming into a digital company, these webinars are for you.  Be sure to share this information with people you know who would benefit.

To go straight to the form to request information about how we can try to get free money, or help you with your cloud requirements, CLICK HERE.

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Finchloom's Five Weeks of 30 Minute Webinars

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​Tuesday, April 28th 10amPT​

Fight Hackers with Finchloom's PhishPrevent Email and Identity Protection (Runs on Azure)​

Audience:  Business Owners, Executives, Management, IT Leadership, End Users, All People That Work with Email

Thursday, April 30th 10amPT​

What is Microsoft Azure?  What is Digital Transformation?  Who is Finchloom?  A Business Owner's Guide to what you can do​

​Audience:  Business Owners, Executives, Management

Thursday, May 7th 10amPT​

Azure Cost Management – Offsetting Costs and Optimize Spend​

Audience:  IT Leadership and IT Admins

-----------PAST EVENTS-----------

COMPLETED Thursday, April 16th 10amPT​

WATCH THE REPLAY:  5 Steps to Transforming Your Business with Microsoft Azure​

Audience:  Business Owners, Executives, Management, IT Leadership

COMPLETED Tuesday, April 21st 10amPT​

WATCH THE REPLAY: Finchloom's Windows Virtual Desktop as a Service (Runs on Azure)​

Audience:  Small Business Owners, IT Leadership, IT Admins

​COMPLETED Wednesday, April 22nd 10amPT​

WATCH THE REPLAY: Get Rid of Your Servers – Azure Infrastructure as a Service – Server Evaluation and Migration​

Audience:  Small Business Owners, IT Leadership, IT Admins


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