Medium and Enterprise Business

Finchloom was built upon the relationships our founders have with Medium and Enterprise sized businesses.  We've worked with customers in the 300-10,000 range and successfully helped the IT Departments in those organizations develop technology roadmaps, deliver modern technology, and teach IT Admins valuable skills on the new cloud methods and trends.

Our team of expert Cloud Architects and Engineers are ready to help you assess your needs, and provide best practice recommendations to transform into a modern digital organization.

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Some of our best work comes about when we can add a personal touch to our project delivery.  It is our preference when implementing projects to work with the IT Admins of the company so they can learn as we build and deploy.  They will be needing to care and feed for your implementations once done, so let's involve them early.

Expert Resources

Our team of architects and engineers have seen the widest variety of projects and environments.  All we do is work with Microsoft and each of our consultants has specific expertise and experience with different Microsoft technologies.

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