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Managed Roadmap

The key to the FLIGHT program is the Managed Roadmap.  It is the blueprint used to direct the work and prioritize the solutions.

The Managed Roadmap is crafted in collaboration between our Cloud Consultants and your IT Team.  

An Assessment can be done up front to determine current state of the business IT, the desired state of the business IT, and the projects needed to fill the gaps to get to the desired state.

Managed Roadmap

Then, we provide project management of the roadmap along with resources to perform the work at one predictable cost to you.

For a predictable monthly cost, have expert resources of your choice mentor or guide your IT Admins - or work independently to engineer or administer your list of tasks and roadmap items.

Our skilled Technical Project Managers put together and manage the team of Technology Experts and is your point of contact througout the FLIGHT program.  The Technical Project Managers have undergone extensive Microsoft technical training so they understand and speak the language of Microsoft Cloud.