Modern Systems Management

Microsoft System Center will provide customers with a united datacenter and systems management experience. This includes monitoring, provisioning, automation, protection, configuration, and self-service capabilities, right out of the box. The power of the cloud allows you to extend your System Center capabilities with ease, and you’ll have a completely integrated view of your whole infrastructure. Data will be collected, stored, and analyzed by your operations team from anywhere, as long as it’s a part of the Windows Server. When combined with the cloud, you can simplify your experience with a systems management powerhouse.

Microsoft System Center Capabilities include:

  • The ability to deploy Windows, PC applications, and Mobile apps
  • Patch Management, Compliance Management
  • Asset Intelligence—Know what you have and track compliance
  • Global delivery with Cloud Distribution Points
  • Manage Mobile Devices, PCs and Macs through one console

Finchloom Streamlines Your Hybrid Cloud System Center Capabilities

Finchloom can help you extend into the cloud without additional complexity while giving you a complete view of your scalable infrastructure with Microsoft System Center. As your cloud partner, we will provide you with the tools you need to build and deploy applications with flexibility to utilize both cloud resources and on-premise. Additionally, we will set you up so you increase efficiency and reduce your costs utilizing the storage, backup, and recovery options that will be available to you.

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System Center Configuration Manager Overview

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