Microsoft 365

What Is Microsoft 365?


It’s a question many businesses will have over the next few months. The introduction of Microsoft 365 as the ultimate tech-savvy solution to the world’s modern business problems has garnered a healthy share of interest over the last month, and speculation regarding what it is and what it can do is running rampant.

Microsoft 365 is a software solution designed to ease the complications of the ever-changing work world. Business is constantly shifting. Technology that was once prominent in offices around the world is being replaced with more advanced solutions that can increase production and efficiency, yet require extensive training and concentration.

No doubt, things can get very complicated over time, but Microsoft 365 strives to bring relaxation and peace back to global working environments, both large and small.

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What Features Are Included? 

Microsoft 365 brings together the power and might of Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security into one unique platform. Employees and executives alike no longer need multiple applications or software to do their jobs. Microsoft 365 keeps everything in one place, so you have a go-to solution to satisfy all your business needs.

Microsoft 365 comes in two forms: Business and Enterprise, and you’re probably wondering what the difference is between the two. 365 Business is a way to strengthen your team and generate more sales for your company. It simplifies the technical aspects of your business while offering ways to keep your data safe from malicious activity.

Enterprise, on the other hand, works at a different level. It seeks to bring creativity back to your office by enabling employee discussions regarding ideas and projects that can improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Who Benefits from Using the Software?

The answer is… everyone! Microsoft 365 allows you to talk to over 200 people in multiple locations. Remote or in-house, it doesn’t matter – 365 Enterprise puts all the control back in your hands!

You’ll also decide who works on what project, who has access to discussions, and so much more. Your employees will also appreciate everything Microsoft brings to the table. No more having to shift through software to get all their work done – everything is placed in one convenient location to keep operations running smoothly.


Why It Can Help Organizations

If keeping everything in one place and increasing workplace competence aren’t enough, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft 365 can assist your company’s migration to the cloud, so all your company data is secure and safely protected. Cloud solutions are more equipped to keep private and sensitive information away from hackers than just local drives alone, and 365 will ensure safety for all your important files.


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