The Cloud Platform Built for You

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform will allow your IT department to accomplish more than ever before with its integrated cloud services, and they’ll be able to do it faster and less expensively, too. Finchloom will not only set you up with this platform, but also provide Azure support services, so you won’t miss a beat.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Will Empower Your Business

You’re not content to be a follower in your industry and Microsoft Azure cloud services will empower you to lead. Your safety is paramount, so Azure will grant you the ability to share and access data securely, no matter where or how you use it. Compliant Microsoft-managed datacenters defend your company from potential security breaches, and offer you impeccable customer service.

App development was never simpler; Microsoft Azure cloud services provide you with the potential to develop apps in any code with ease, and deployment is a breeze with 99.95% compute SLA.

We understand that your peace of mind and ease of management are vitally important factors as you decide on the premium strategy for your organization; Azure’s reliable recovery and backup provide you with peace of mind even as your productivity increases with decreased hardware failure and system overload.

The Capabilities You’ll Find With Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform include:

Virtual Machines

  • Choose Your Language
  • Choose Your Workload
  • Choose Your Operating System
  • Ease of Deployment


  • Turnkey Windows App Delivery Service
  • Access through PC, Mac or Mobile Devices
  • Multiple Options for Deployment
  • Flexible Pricing

Site to Site VPN for Private Access

  • 99.9% Uptime for Gateways
  • Easily Managed
  • Very Available
  • Secure from Anywhere
  • Point-to-Site VPN Access

Database as a Service

  • Works Dynamically With Apps
  • Scale Without Downtime
  • Efficiently Build Multitenant Apps
  • Work With The Tools You Prefer
  • Secure and Protect App Data

Server Backup and Site Recovery

  • 99.9% Guarantee Availablity
  • Data Encrypted, In Transit and At Rest
  • Backup is Geo-Replicated
  • Offsite Backup Target
  • Data Protected by Unified Solution


  • Scalable & Durable
  • Very Available
  • Pay For What You Use
  • You Choose Security Level
  • Enterprise Apps Can Be Run

Operational Log Analysis and Management

  • Log Data is Collected, Stored, and Analyzed Without Effort
  • Inbuilt Intelligence Allows Development of Actionable Insights
  • Incidents are Quickly and Easily Fixed
  • Consistently Visible, No Matter the Resource

Azure Managed Services and Support From Finchloom

You need a reliable source for innovative and up-to-date IT; Finchloom is prepared to be your partner for implementing and supporting the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Use technology as your primary tool for implementing a successful and profitable strategy to grow your business faster and more efficiently than ever.

As one of LA’s premiere providers of Microsoft Azure cloud services, Finchloom is happy to configure the platform that will boost you to the next level.

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