Ditch Physical Hardware Systems With Windows Virtual Machine (Part 2)

Posted by Jim Richardson on Dec 20, 2016 1:52:15 PM in Microsoft Azure
windows-virtual-machineWindows virtual machine software can be easily accessed by you and your employees from any location and at any time which means overall employee productivity is immediately boosted. This is due in part because secure access to data across multiple platforms is not inhibited as with your traditional physical hardware-based computer system, and there are fewer connectivity issues.

By using virtual machines that are included with Microsoft Azure, normal everyday workflow processes are accomplished seamlessly, whether the employee is working at your location or remotely. This improved reliability and connectivity give your team an edge when it comes to collaboration, communication, and workflow.

Your business data is arguably your most valuable resource and asset. There are many frightening scenarios playing out every day where companies go under simply because they lose access to their data for an extended period of time due to security breaches, system failures, and other security disasters. With all of your data stored in a secured data center, well away from these threats, you can sleep a little easier at night.

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Improve Employee Workflow, Security, & Costs Using A Windows Virtual Machine

Using a Windows Virtual Machine means that the software, processes, and applications you use in computing are also stored in the cloud which means that critical security updates can be more easily managed and automated. This is a crucial step in keeping your entire network and all connected devices healthy, secure, and safe. The opportunity to utilize these managed IT services also means less unplanned network downtime, which translates into lower financial costs.

Virtualization technology's potential extends far beyond productivity and superior security. It also impacts the bottom line quite remarkably. While there is an initial investment --true for any tech upgrade, the ROI will be seen more quickly than attempting to upgrade your existing network. With virtualization long-term IT expenses decrease. Consider these positive aspects of virtualization when comparing costs;

  • No need to maintain, upgrade or replace software.
  • Less money spent on securing data.
  • Improved efficiency and stability of existing computers, due to less workload.
  • Less time and money spent on software upgrades, updates, and security patching.
  • Increased employee productivity through improved workflow.
  • Less network and system downtime.
  • Fewer opportunities for loss of data.
  • Faster data recovery times and improved data recovery options and capabilities.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Data & Management Benefits

Managed IT services is an important benefit that using virtual machine software easily brings. You can partner with a company such as Finchloom to help manage your network, and alongside Microsoft, a trusted name in the computer business, you will be sure you have the best team working together to keep your network secure. Through cloud-based services like Microsoft Azure, they will become actively invested in your success. Here are a few of the benefits offered with Microsoft Azure cloud.

Scope and Scalability

With Azure, you have a complete cloud infrastructure platform and secure data center that is designed to scale with your business. This is terrific if you are just wading into virtualization and prefer a hybrid solution.


Azure allows you to run multiple OS and applications and is continuously expanding to include more and more competing platforms and software standards to help their clients stay relevant and competitive.

Cost and Pricing Structure

Azure is competitively priced and offers a pay as you go structure that allows you to anticipate and accurately budget. This is helpful as you begin to scale so that you can reasonably predict your IT costs and allocate your financial resources appropriately.

Customer Support

With any Microsoft product you know that you will have access to top-notch support, and Microsoft Azure is no exception. There are tiered plans available, allowing you to choose a pricing and support structure that fits your business now or in the future. Additionally, you can enjoy more personal managed IT services that include dedicated support from a trusted Microsoft partner such as Finchloom.

Easily Adapt to Microsoft Azure with Finchloom

Ditching your physical hardware system in favor of a Windows virtual machine is a big decision. While the benefits of increased productivity, improved security, and cost savings are considerable (especially when compared to the downfalls of your current system), the idea of switching systems may seem daunting.

Don't let migration concerns hold you back. We are here to help. Finchloom is a trusted Microsoft partner with decades of experience helping forward thinkers like you improve, scale, and transform their businesses through the adoption of new technology.

Not only will Finchloom help implement your new cloud infrastructure, we can also provide training to get you and your employees on board faster. Remote services cover a wide range of IT management. With an IT managed services partner, you can better leverage your in-house resources allowing you to improve, scale, and grow your business in the increasingly competitive marketplace.


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