Why You Need Cloud-Managed Services: Support And Scalability

Posted by Jim Richardson on Sep 23, 2016 2:01:00 PM in Managed Services

microsoft-cloudManaging your business can be difficult, especially when you explore the IT aspect. You want to scale your business effectively, but you may not want to begin hiring full-time employees because it can become expensive. Cost-effective technology is available to provide scalability, and comes in the form of cloud solutions. Cloud managed services provide support of cloud technology and can take your business to the next level.

Cloud Solutions to Increase Productivity of Existing Employees

The Azure scalable platform from Microsoft provides cloud services that allow your IT team to do more, not only faster but with less cost. If you're unfamiliar with Microsoft Azure, here are some key capabilities that provide a decrease in hardware failure and system overloads while your business' productivity increases:

  • Secure data access and sharing from any location
  • Protection from data breaches thanks to compliant Microsoft-managed datacenters
  • Reliable server backup and recovery
  • Performance analysis of logs to save hours of time, faster resolution of issues and provide actionable insights
  • Easy app development and deployment

Are your employees using archaic, slow or limiting systems and procedures to collaborate? With Microsoft Office 365 for Business you have an entire suite of cloud solutions for streamlined communications and collaboration capabilities to dramatically increase productivity. Connect your employees no matter where their work space is with these solutions that are part of the Office 365 Suite:

  • Office 365's email feature, Outlook, means safe and secure email with anti-spam protection--you can even wipe data from a lost phone remotely
  • Outlook also provides calendar and meeting scheduling, as well as integrated Skype for Business HD video conferencing
  • Office Online means real time collaboration and co-authoring in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote--even a chat capability so projects aren't delayed
  • 1 TB of cloud storage in OneDrive means files can be accessed from anywhere at anytime
  • Create team sites with specific project documents and control over team member access
  • Delve provides personalize search for employees to what they're working on, who they're working with and insights into their project times
  • Compliance control and encrypted data


The capabilities of Microsoft Cloud transform how your employees operate and conduct business for ultimate productivity improvement.  Cloud solutions will allow you to make the most of your current staff while scaling your business appropriately.

Utilizing Cloud Technology to Scale Your Business

Cloud technology has changed the business landscape and with so much to tap into, you can scale your business efficiently. For example, the Azure scalable platform will allow you to tap into an array of services and features. This includes the Windows App delivery service, RemoteApp, which allows for turnkey deployment and delivery of Windows apps that can be accessed by employees from any device. You are even able to create virtual machines for any operating system or workload. Virtual machines, RemoteApp and desktop connections provide employees with everything that they need  in order to stay easily connected.

Microsoft System Center gives you full infrastructure as a service, known as IaaS, which provides virtualized resources for a united data center and full systems management when combined with the cloud. So you have out of the box capabilities to monitor, provision, configure, automate and protect while your operations team can can collect, store and analyze from anywhere.  Some of the key capabilities that System Center brings to your business include:

  • Compliance and patch management
  • Deploy Windows, PC applications, and mobile apps
  • The ability to track and maintain compliance with Asset Intelligence
  • Manage mobile devices, PCs and Macs through one console

All of this cloud technology and the solutions provided by Microsoft Cloud show how you can scale your business efficiently while increasing productivity. But there are cloud support solutions to further leverage your staff before hiring a full time employee with cloud managed services.

Utilizing Cloud Managed Services to Scale Your Staff

Creating a scalable business model goes beyond cloud solutions when you're a growing business and cloud managed services is the support solution so your cloud transformation is fully managed and your team has the right onboarding for success. You have the ability to tap into cloud solutions where IT experience is brought into your company. This includes such things as 24/7 and user help desk, embedded end user teaching and adoption coaching, as well as full cloud services administration.

Cloud managed services offers you simplicity because everything is handled for you, and you can keep your budget in check with a monthly flat fee. You and your employees can use technology in a way that is truly going to help your business without having to hire additional staff. This is a major move, and one that more and more businesses are moving. If you don't want to be behind the technological curve, it's important to begin using the cloud.

Cloud managed services essentially allow you to take your business to the next level. You can keep everyone connected, have full management of infrastructure, and boost productivity of your employees. By utilizing a cloud consultant, the cloud can be managed on your behalf, and you can scale your business as needed without ever having a higher additional full-time associates. It can be the solution you have been searching for so that you can manage your business efficiently without having to spend all of your time on the IT component.

Finchloom's flagship service is our WEAVEâ„¢ managed services for the cloud. Combining our IT experience and methodologies with Microsoft Cloud solutions, we handle all your cloud services management, including training and onboarding you employees as well as continued support with a 24/7 end user help desk. We also include free migration to the cloud with any of our managed services bundles.

Moving your business to the cloud is a journey and there are best practices to make this transformation positive and successful. We've put together the steps you need to take in our free download Microsoft Cloud Solutions: Streamlining Employee Communications.



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