What is Digital Business Transformation?

Posted by Jim Richardson on Aug 24, 2016 9:00:00 AM in Digital Transformation

digital-business-transformationDigital Business Transformation in it's formal definition is the transition of the mode of business operations in institutions by consolidating the use of digital tools and taking up the use of trending technological inventions in the daily functioning of a business.  Put into terms that apply to every business owner, it is moving your business to cloud solutions that are not only cost effective, but improve communication, productivity and security.

The capabilities and benefits that come from transforming your business with the Cloud go hand in hand with the benefits, but there are some key things that companies succeeding at digital business transformation are doing.

The Four Pillars to Digital Business Transformation Success

In today's digital economy, the digital transformation of a business, simply put, means that that business is set up to acheive more.  Sometimes referred to as cloud transformation, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the Microsoft Envision conference, "for businesses to survive and thrive in this new era, they must embrace digital transformation." 

Nadella continued, explaining that companies that start this transformation journey to the cloud are successfully achieving more by doing four key things:  1) optimizing their business operations, 2) being much more engaged with their customers, 3) empowering employees to be more productive, and 4) transforming their products and/or services offerings with digital content.

Here's how intelligent cloud solutions and systems are allowing businesses to take intelligent action through the above four pillars of digital business transformation success: 

Optimizing Business Operations - With the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning capabilities, businesses are in a position to look beyond what is happening right now, instead having the ability to anticipate what will happen with insights, and prepare so that they can capitalize on that insight.

More Engaged with Customers - The way we communicate has changed, but with the right data, businesses can foresee what customers want even before they know they want it, and have the technology to communicate it the offering in a manner that feels as personal as having a conversation.

Empowering Employees - With cloud solutions, employees aren't stuck waiting to find a solution, an answer or the person that can solve a problem. With email, document storage, and business apps, all the insight and knowledge now exists inside the infrastructure. It is all available, easily found--and easily shared through multiple communication options that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Transforming Offerings - Data intelligence is changing what businesses offer, or at least adapting their products and services to what they now know consumers want. All businesses today are becoming data companies, and this means maintaining a competitive edge in your market with your target customers.

The Solutions and Advantages of Microsoft Cloud

The successful results of a company's transformation to digital are tied to the capabilities that come with Microsoft Cloud solutions. Here are some of the solutions that Microsoft Cloud provides to your business:

Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Infrastructure

You will have access to your datacenter at anytime and from anywhere with the Microsoft Cloud Platform and it is cost effective because you don't have to invest in additional infrastructure--you will be benefiting from Microsoft's datacenter. This provides reliability and increases your performance across the board. As your needs change, you can manage your services seamlessly without interruption.

Data Insights for Better Engagement & Competitive Advantage

You can make quick insights while analyzing data so you know what your customers want so you remain competitive, and all the users in your company will be connected to the data they need in real time.

Enterprise Mobility, 100% Secure

Your employees can stay productive, working from any location and still maintaining full data security so all your sensitive information is protected.

Team Collaboration Tools

The functionality allows for easy collaboration to bring employees together from anywhere in the world. With Skype for Business, anyone can host virtual meetings and share files securely. Team sites offers team libraries to access to project emails and files, while Delve gives quick search capability to provide fast access to what's being worked on and the people involved. 

The Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Framework

Microsoft Trustworthy Computing is a guarantee for a more trusted Internet ensuring that your information is protected and secure. As part of this framework, Microsoft Cloud stays ahead of any security breaches, keeps software code safe, and restores your systems in case of an incident. 


The path to digital business transformation is an important step for any business. As the digital economy changes how we do business, managing the change within your organization will take vision and a solid strategy. With the right cloud consultant and solid infrastructure using the Microsoft Cloud Platform, every business can make the shift a smooth transition. Businesses that have taken the initiative to start the digital, or cloud, transformation are finding success because they use the solutions to optimize their business and continually empower their employees while focusing on their engagement with customers, but always with an eye on remaining competitive with their product and service offerings. The Cloud offers opportunities to disrupt with innovations that support the ability for businesses to acheive more. Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and business to acheive more as part of keeping society moving forward, and for businesses that means a digital transformation.

At Finchloom, our expertise is bringing digital and transformation together as a cloud consultant to businesses. We will guide you through the process and assure a smooth transition to digital, incorporating it into your company's day to day interactions, and make sure your entire staff is trained and on-boarded to effectively use the Microsoft cloud solutions and platform.

Learn more about where you are currently so you can set a vision for change, the steps you should take for a success and the 10 questions you should ask a cloud IT consultant before working together (including us!) by downloading our free eBook The Digital Transformation Guide for Small & Mid-size Companies.





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