What Can Microsoft 365 Do for Your Business?

Posted by The Finchloom Team on Jul 27, 2017 12:00:00 AM in Microsoft System Center

An All-In-One Solution

Picture the perfect business solution at your disposal. It doesn’t matter where you are or how small your team is. The software can bring you the efficiency and organization you’ll need to survive in today’s digital market.

Companies are changing. Whether it’s by becoming global, increasing production rates, or satisfying the needs of multiple employees, the abilities to compromise and remain flexible are common requirements amongst current enterprises.

A Hero Enters

That’s where Microsoft 365 comes in. Companies are usually forced to rely on multiple platforms to get the job done. Between Excel, Word and PowerPoint, all three offer crucial stepping stones to keep your business flowing, but this time, things are a little different. With so many new and advanced options to choose from, you’ll uncover a quick, safe, and above all, easy way to shift your data onto the cloud.

Some Cool Features

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Introducing Microsoft 365 Business, the ultimate solution designed to keep your company stable and steady! With features ranging from Outlook to Skype for Business, Microsoft’s new 365 software synchs both emails and contact information to ensure communication stays easy for everyone. Customize your messages and use your business domain for email accounts to ensure your brand stays visible to all the right people. It’s the perfect tool for both small and large companies alike.

Emails also come equipped with anti-malware applications, so your identity stays protected from spammers and cyber thieves. Control is taken out of the technology’s hand and placed back into yours, ensuring you have the final say in who visits your profiles.

Skype for Business offers a video-based conference platform that keeps you in the loop of all communication, from extensive business meetings to personal tete-a-tetes. Take notes, share screens, and converse with over 250 people from over 250 different settings. It doesn’t matter where you are. Convenience arrives at the press of a button!

A Little Bit More…

Users also have access to the Outlook Custom Manager, featuring reminder settings and integrations with both Bing and Microsoft Flow, so you can effectively manage processes and tasks. There’s also the new Microsoft Stream, which possesses more business-friendly video controls to better serve you. Manage your video channels by granting and denying permission to commenters as you see fit.

Call to Action

At Finchloom, our Office 365 hosting partners work to bring the magic of Microsoft 365 directly to your business. WEAVE, our managed services program endorsed by Microsoft directly, effectively serves small business clients by offering them the best cloud solutions and handling their migration to the cloud with a solid hand. Our program also features embedded end-user teaching and adoption coaching to give you complete and total control of your business.

Our four separate packages feature prices to match any budget, so what are you waiting for? Contact us at (844) 346-2456 or at info@finchloom.com for more information. Be sure to subscribe to our product newsfeed, or download our e-books to discover what’s happening across today’s digital horizon.

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