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Posted by Jim Richardson on Nov 29, 2016 2:03:25 PM in IT Support

cloud-services-administrationWhen it comes to business, the cloud opens up options such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service, and even Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). By utilizing cloud services administration any company has the ability to scale their business and streamline their operations and productivity, no matter their resources or assets. Choosing the right cloud services administrator can open the door for greater flexibility and collaboration while protecting your important data with enhanced security and data recovery options.

In basic terms, cloud computing is the means used to store and access data and programs over the Internet, instead of from your computer’s hard drive or server. The "cloud" is simply a metaphorical term for the Internet. Cloud computing allows any user to store and sync massive amounts of data that is accessible from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Finding the Right Cloud Services Administrator

Let's face it, there are a lot of choices when it comes to cloud service providers. The task of choosing the best one for your company can be daunting. You have to do your homework when evaluating the various cloud services administration providers. As you begin to research, it is important to consider the following key attributes:

  • Access To get the most out of modern cloud-based computing you should have 24/7 access to your data through a secure and reliable network, via multiple device types and operating systens, including Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, & iOS.
  • Support It is important to partner with a company who offers 24/7-365 support services. The last thing you want is to commit business-critical systems to the cloud without a responsive and dedicated support team. Since each company's needs are unique, it is important to consider service providers that offer varying levels of support.
  • Usability An important factor in determining which provider to choose is usability. There is a learning curve associated with any new technology, and studies have shown that learning time decreases with familiarity. Therefore, choosing a product with a familiar interface can lead to quicker onboarding and improved user experience.
  • Experience = Expertise As you research cloud service providers, note the names. You will find a few well-known companies and many of which you have never heard. One thing is certain, longevity in such a rapidly changing industry translates to greater experience, expertise, and adaptability to changes in the technology market
  • Trustworthiness Consider a company's track record. What do you know about the credibility of the vendor with whom you will be trusting with your company's valuable data? Have they proven themselves worthy of your trust? Microsoft, in particular, differentiates in this area as an industry leader known for its commitment to trust and transparency through security, privacy, and compliance.

Ensuring Your Data Is Secure on The Cloud

Rest assured you are not alone in worrying about the security of your data. Statistics obtained from a survey of Microsoft customers show the following concerns when considering adopting cloud services:

  • 60% of companies cited data security as the primary concern
  • 45% of companies worried about being unable to control their data

Microsoft knows that cloud services must start with security in mind -- from the initial coding to incidence response. Operational security is enhanced via a combination of preventative, defensive, and reactive controls that are available 24/7 to all of their cloud services customers.

New security challenges emerging from bring your own device (BYOD) have made it necessary for cloud service providers to expand the scope an dexterity of security. This is evident in Microsoft's revamp of Enterprise Mobility Suite, now known as Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). This is the latest product line update to illustrate Microsoft's commitment to a person-centric IT experience.

  • Mobile Device Management - Remote access gives you control of your business data from anywhere, and includes the ability to perform a data wipe if necessary.
  • Identity Management - Single sign-on solution that works across thousands of cloud-based apps and services, as well as your on-site apps and programs.
  • Two-factor Authentication - Combining secure protection and usability, this feature uses a set of identifiers such as a password and trusted device.
  • Self-service Password Reset - No more waiting for tech support or IT to reset your password. Microsoft EMS offers a secure self-service password reset.
  • Enterprise Branding - The ability to customize the user interface allows companies to create a continuity of style and branding across all interfaces.

Budgeting & Planning Made Easy

Not every company has the ability to fully staff an IT department. With managed services, there is no need. Budgeting is easy with flat-rate billing and fees that are pre-negotiated. This managed service agreement allows you to avoid costly hourly tech fees when you experience the unexpected. Additionally, advanced monitoring & features with built-in proactive measures reduce the likelihood of unplanned network downtime.

Scalability And Cloud Services Administration

When your organization's goal is growth, scalability is a top concern. Cloud computing with managed services can help your company reach this goal by allowing you to scale at any time based on your needs. With a bundled-services product from our WEAVE™ group there is never a need for small to medium-sized businesses to hire additional IT support staff. Moreover, the knowledge gained from the process will better inform you where and when to scale additional resources, allocating your budget accordingly.

Microsoft Cloud Services Cover All Your Needs

As you continue to research and discover the many ways cloud services administration can be used to scale your business and streamline operations, you will want to consider factors like expertise, security, and reliability. As a trusted Microsoft partner, Finchloom is positioned to provide all the managed services, training, and support your company needs to succeed and grow as you venture into this modern era of cloud computing. Ready to transform your business? Learn more with our free Guide to Digital Transformation for Small & Mid-size Companies.


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