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Microsoft's Secure Productive Enterprise

I want you to cut your IT costs, reduce the complexity of your IT Service delivery, and reduce  the  number of different vendor products you have in your organization.  

When we talk to potential clients about cloud solutions, most of the time we encourage baby steps to ease into the cloud transition. Usually it means starting with email first and migrating that to the cloud, and then likely next is the Office suite of apps for PC and MAC to be installed on each user's computer.

What follows next could be a huge variety of other apps and services. 

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Integrated Cloud Phone System Improves Internal Communications

Unlike a traditional business phone system, which has an onsite PBX (private branch exchange), a cloud phone system has its PBX at a remote location. Typically, a secure data center. The voice traffic moves over the internet or possibly cellular networks. A cloud phone system assumes the responsibility for the communication software, as well as its maintenance, repair, and operation.

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Cloud-Based Collaboration: Communicating At The Speed Of Today

Every business has the opportunity to benefit from cloud based collaboration. It is the chance to streamline communication processes, tap into new technology, and make it easier for employees to communicate, regardless of where they may be located. Cloud-based collaboration and communication software makes it possible to obtain more speed and productivity within the workplace whether employees are in the office or telecommuting.

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Keep Employees Communicating With Mobile Business Solutions

You want to do everything you can in order to keep employees communicating efficiently. By utilizing Microsoft Office 365 for Business as a mobile business solution, collaboration and communication can be seamless. Regardless of whether you have employees in satellite offices, working remotely, or on the road, they can communicate with each other and stay connected to the main office.

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Streamline Your Employee Communications Using Microsoft Office 365

Employee communications is no doubt a hot button topic for you and if you rely on segmented services like email, web conferencing, or isolated web portals, you may find that it is creating more problems than solutions. Unfortunately, the previous piece meal strategy of pulling separate programs together causes employee communication capabilities to be anything but intuitive or collaborative for today’s digital economy. There is a solution that allows for smooth implementation and brings amazing capabilities for collaboration and boosts productivity.

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