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Myths About Moving to the Cloud: Control & Scalability

In this final and 3rd part of our series about cloud myths, we’ll focus on the myths about control and business scalability using Microsoft cloud. It might seem like it would be a lot of work to migrate to the cloud, and you might feel that “one size fits all” with reference to the cloud, too. If you add that to your concern about your ability to maintain control of your technology, it’s all too easy to dismiss the cloud altogether; however, you’ll actually be looking past the solution that will ultimately give you back control and scalability!

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Myths About Moving to the Cloud: Data & Network Security

In the second part of our three part series, we’re focusing on data and network security in the cloud. Security is very often one of the top reasons that businesses shy away from the convenience of the cloud. Many people believe the cloud isn’t secure because they’ve heard about hacks into email or celebrity photo accounts. Microsoft Cloud is protected with five layers of physical and logical security; your data is always protected and segregated from other companies that also utilize the cloud.

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Myths About Moving to the Cloud: Office 365

The cloud. You’ve heard about it, and you’ve probably heard that it can lower your business’ costs as it increases your agility, but you’re not sure what it entails. We’re here to separate the fact from the fiction with a three-part series tackling the myths that surround moving to the cloud, or as it is often referred to, cloud transformation. In part one, we’re addressing myths about Office 365 for Business in the cloud.

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How to Solve Business Challenges with Microsoft Cloud

The cloud continues to prove itself as bringing about a golden age in how businesses enhance their productivity and collaboration while securing business data. Microsoft Cloud is the leader in cloud software to help all businesses of any size be able to shift into the new paradigm of cloud transformation and solve their unique business challenges.

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