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All-in-One: A Concept That Keeps Getting Better


Microsoft 365’s claim to fame has been that it stores all your software applications in one convenient location. PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Skype—the whole shebang! If your business has an augmented staff that works from separate points, it can be difficult to track everything and keep everyone operating under the same frame, which is where a tool like Microsoft 365 comes in handy.

However, the idea behind “all-in-one” just got better. Last May saw the introduction of Microsoft OneDrive during Microsoft Build 2017. The feature would allow users everywhere to access all their files through the cloud system without having to download them or use existing memory.1 Having too many files on one’s computer is bound to use up space, and OneDrive solves this problem instantly.

A Little More Protection

More important is that the cloud’s defense capabilities could protect one’s data from being infected or compromised through bad files. By removing the need to download documents before seeing them, individual and businesses become less vulnerable. Additionally, files are stored in local caches and then deleted after a period to prevent future dangers, and the threats of malicious activity can eventually start to wane.

The purpose of OneDrive is to give you, the business owner, more control over what goes in and out of your system,2 and you’ll have the option to make items accessible locally. You can also view important information about files before opening them, such as whether they’re shared and what they look like. It’s important to know what’s entering your system to prevent potential damage and save your space.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Even more impressive is that everything gets moved into File Explorer once your system gains access, and documents are marked as one of three potential files:

  1. Online-only files

These are signified with an image of a cloud in the bottom corner.3 They do not use up space, and can only be accessed if you’re connected to the internet.

  1. Locally available files

These stem from online files that were clicked and downloaded to a system. They’re marked with a green checkmark in the bottom corner. They can be opened at any time, when one is online or offline, and can be switched back to “online only” status whenever the user sees fit.

  1. Always available files

You have the option of selecting specific documents that can be accessed all the time. These are labeled with a white checkmark in a green circle. These documents do take up space, so keep that in mind when deciding which ones are most important.

OneDrive adoption is likely to burst through the roof in the coming months, but you can get an early taste of its power if you have the latest Windows Insider Preview settings. If you’re not an insider, never fear. October features the Fall Creator’s Update, during which attendees can get an exclusive demonstration of OneDrive’s capabilities.

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