Cloud-Based Collaboration: Communicating At The Speed Of Today

Posted by Jim Richardson on Nov 4, 2016 3:01:00 PM in Office 365


Every business has the opportunity to benefit from cloud based collaboration. It is the chance to streamline communication processes, tap into new technology, and make it easier for employees to communicate, regardless of where they may be located. Cloud-based collaboration and communication software makes it possible to obtain more speed and productivity within the workplace whether employees are in the office or telecommuting.

Communicate & Collaborate - Anytime, Anywhere

Instances when employees need to collaborate on projects together often require a significant amount of communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page. However, not all employees may be located in the same location at the same time. Some may be travelling, in different offices, or even work from home.

Office 365 makes it possible to share data with people inside and outside of the company, while still maintaining a high level of security. Businesses can choose which documents are private and which are shared with clients or even publicly. Within these shared documents, real-time edits are used which allows employees to communicate in a more effective way and without unnecessary delays.

When a team member modifies a document, everyone else will see the changes too. This makes it possible for people to collaborate, even if they are in different time zones or locations. Communication can also be enhanced using shared calendars, chat, and even multi-person HD video.

This allows you and your employees to choose the best method of communicating and collaborating based upon the project. You may find that some employees prefer to work on a document together, while others would rather hold a video chat to talk about the project. Either way, you have options to provide to people when you use collaborative cloud-based tools within the Office 365 suite.

Never Fear Data Loss Again

Data loss has brought even the largest companies to its knees on occasion. Every business wants to avoid this pitfall, which is why it makes sense to use the cloud. All of your data can be stored securely online, which means that even if a computer or local system fails, you have access to everything on the cloud. Should you desire, it can also be re-downloaded to a local computer or network.

Office 365 offers version control, making it possible to work on a document in live mode as well as view all of the different historical versions. Documented changes and modifications can be viewed or undone as a result of this version history. These features make it more clear which document is most recent and simultnaeously ensures that you are working on the most recent version available. Otherwise, you could be working on an outdated document version, and this is going to waste previous time. Or you can go back to previous versions of the document in the event something went awry. Eliminating duplicate efforts and retaining different versions of documents can dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees and that's why it's important to explore doing business in the cloud.

You also have the benefit of edits being saved automatically and periodically. This means that you are able to walk away from your workspace and pick up again at a later time. If you didn't hit save and something happens, your work is still saved. Data loss is not the kind of thing you want to deal with. You can collaborate and communicate freely without having to worry about losing any data with the help of Office 365 functions.

Streamline Processes with Microsoft OneDrive Cloud File Hosting

When you use OneDrive for Business, you have the ability to sync your files from your PC or Mac. Perhaps more importantly, you can access them from anywhere, using your favorite browser or the OneDrive app which is available for most major smartphones or tablets. This eliminates the need to email documents back and forth, which can waste signifigant amounts of time and make it confusing to determine the right version.

By having a centralized location you can have access to all of the important documents and details about your business and you will never have to dig through emails again. You can also eliminate wondering about which document is the most recent in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint because of version control. The newest version will always be identified, so you can collaborate, share, or work on the correct file. You simply visit your Microsoft OneDrive and have access to everything you need right at your fingertips. This gives you more control over your documents and allows your team to communicate freely and effectively.

Security is included within the OneDrive cloud file hosting. You will get to take advantage of advanced encryption, compliance, as well as an entire host of additional security features. This way, you can open files from any device and know that it is safe and secure to do so. Everything is password protected, so once you log off of a computer, no one else will be able to get in and view, modify, or delete files unless they have the correct access password.

Your business needs to be communicating at the speed of today and Office 365 is the ultimate solution, providing a wide array of tools for you to utilize in order to enjoy cloud-based collaboration. You can work anytime, anywhere, and not ever have to worry about data loss. You will also have access to OneDrive, keeping your files organized and available to you no matter where you go featuring 1TB of storage per user.

When you begin to use the cloud with the help of Finchloom and Office 365, you can allow your employees to collaborate and communicate more effectively with each other. This will boost productivity and ensure that you are never at a loss for having the data and documents you need to get the job done.

Finchloom will help your business gain all the advantages of mobile business solutions with Office 365 for Business, as well as all the benefits that come with the cloud. Not sure what making a digital transformation entails or where to start? Download our free guide: Microsoft Cloud Solutions: Streamlining Employee Communications.



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