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Posted by Jim Richardson on Oct 28, 2016 5:18:29 PM in Office 365

mobile-business-solutionsYou want to do everything you can in order to keep employees communicating efficiently. By utilizing Microsoft Office 365 for Business as a mobile business solution, collaboration and communication can be seamless. Regardless of whether you have employees in satellite offices, working remotely, or on the road, they can communicate with each other and stay connected to the main office.

Work From Anywhere, Access Everything Using Mobile Business Solutions

Today's work environment is very different. As a result of technology advancements, employees are able to be out on the road while still being connected to their office and work files. Cloud technology makes all of this possible. Your mobile workforce has the ability to collaborate using various tools and apps. By taking advantage of an Office 365 subscription, you have the ability to store data, share documents, update files, and sync whenever you get back to your desktop. This ensures your formatting and content always remains intact and you are using the most up-to-date version.

Can't make it into a meeting? Your employees can use various Microsoft apps that will allow for collaboration on a Word or other Microsoft document in real-time. Everyone can work on it together, thus enhancing communication and collaboration, even if not everyone is in the same physical room.

One terabyte of storage is provided to you in OneDrive with your Office 365 subscription so you can have plenty of room for storage of important files. You can also use, edit, and share documents in Dropbox for Business as well as SharePoint.

Premium features can be added to your basic plan, allowing you to have Excel analysis, Word editing, and even PowerPoint presentation options wherever you go. The mobile business solutions you require are scalable with Microsoft Office 365 for Business, allowing you to grow without having to consider another solution.

Mobile Business Solutions That Provide Data Security & Control

With more data privacy issues than ever before, it's important that you focus on keeping your information safe. As such, the business solutions you choose must focus on data and security.

Everything you place inside of the Microsoft OneDrive Cloud is encrypted. This ensures that prying eyes cannot see the data unless they have the username and password – which is something that you are responsible for setting.

Many people have concerns over mobile apps and their overall level of security. However, this doesn't need to be a concern because Office 365 has a significant amount of data security and control in place for you. This will allow you to store even the most important data in the cloud for your employees to access.

You will have the opportunity to define and set access control for your employees. This will allow you to choose device-specific security policies and enable them. This will also ensure that data may only be accessible on phones and tablets that are authorized.

In the event that you have employees using their own devices, you also have the ability to wipe Office 365 data from a selected device at any time. This can be done remotely, so you never even have to have the device in front of you.

In the end, you want to be sure you are providing all you can to employees so they can work and communicate with each other and with the office. Microsoft Office 365 for Business provides robust mobile business solutions that allow them to have access to important documents as well as the ability to edit and present as needed. Regardless of whether they are at a conference and connecting via hotel Wi-Fi or they are on the road conducting sales calls, you can ensure that the connectivity is in place so that the needs of your business are always met.

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