Integrated Cloud Phone System Improves Internal Communications

Posted by Jim Richardson on Dec 9, 2016 1:46:18 PM in Office 365

cloud-phone-systemUnlike a traditional business phone system, which has an onsite PBX (private branch exchange), a cloud phone system has its PBX at a remote location. Typically, a secure data center. The voice traffic moves over the internet or possibly cellular networks. A cloud phone system assumes the responsibility for the communication software, as well as its maintenance, repair, and operation.

Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

The added benefits of a cloud-based phone system include;

  • Secure, low cost, and easy to manage.
  • The ability to use one system across multiple locations.
  • Extends your office phone system capabilities to devices such as your smartphone, ensuring your customers can reach you anywhere.
  • Continue receiving calls should anything occur at your office building, such as a power failure, fire, flood, or other unexpected emergency.

Together these added benefits of a cloud phone system can cut costs, streamline employee communications, and improve internal processes, especially when supported by a trusted company like Microsoft or a Microsoft partner, such as Finchloom.

Improve Employee Communication with Skype PBX Cloud Phone System

How do you create connected teams that work better together? By making the ability to connect as seamless and easy as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to use one familiar tool, available across multiple devices, to improve employee communication. That is exactly what Skype PBX cloud phone system — powered by Microsoft, can do for your business. Because the cloud-based phone system supports multiple devices across all platforms, communication and collaboration on-the-go is possible. This portability is valuable to your business whether you have 5 or 5000 employees, as statistics show;

A survey of small businesses showed those with the highest revenue increases were 54% more likely to have made supporting mobile workers a priority.

80% of Fortune 500 companies are now on Microsoft Cloud 

So, whether you’re in the office or on the road, Skype PBX can help keep you connected and improve employee communication —impacting your business in these critical ways;

  • Streamline communications and collaboration by ensuring everyone is using the same platform.
  • Work where you want, when your want, and with whom you want with 24/7 availability.
  • Employees experience convenience and ease of use in a phone system that is fully integrated with contacts, calendars, and email, making their lives simpler.
  • Training and support from Microsoft and Microsoft Partners are the security blanket your employees need to ensure less downtime and more reliability, from day-one.
  • Microsoft, the leading technology company worldwide, is a name you can trust. From its reliable software to secure cloud storage, including the most advanced encryption, rest assured your business data is secure.

7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Skype PBX

In addition to the many ways having a cloud phone system benefits your business there are specific features and benefits of Skype PBX which are unique.

1. Interface with Outlook.

Access all of your Outlook contacts and automation of your availability status via your calendar —the familiar interface and seamless interoperability Office 365 applications have with one another extends to Skype PBX.

2. Large Scale Conferencing.

With Skype for Business PBX it is possible to conference with up to 250 people, whether they are Skype users or not. With the expanded capability of Skype Meeting Broadcast, you can allow up to 10,000 invites to live-stream your call. This means you could hold a large-scale meeting or even host a webinar right from your phone.

3. PSTN Conferencing and Calling.

This unique service provides a way for those without internet service to join meetings and collaborate by placing an inbound call. PSTN calling is an add-on telephone service for telephone number migration. It also allows the user to search for, obtain, and assign new phone numbers to various team members.

4. Enhanced Collaboration.

It isn’t just a cloud phone system, it is Microsoft Office 365 this means not only are you connected with your employees but have access to their work product. In real time, share screens, co-author documents, use whiteboard applications, and add or drop callers at any time. It is the closest you can get to in-person collaboration in real-time, remotely.

5. Security.

From authentication to encryption of messages and contact data you can have peace of mind that your data is safe in the Microsoft Cloud.

6. Access to Your Data.

Microsoft ensures that though the familiar administration dashboard, you maintain access and control of your business data. Create invites and guest accounts, and as you see fit —enable or disable certain feature

7. Dedicated Management and Support.

When you use Office 365, Skype for Business, and Cloud PBX you have access to Microsoft support services. Moreover, when you use cloud managed services through a Microsoft trusted partner like Finchloom, you have 24/7 access to excellent customer service and dedicated account management.

Easily Adapt to Skype PBX with Office 365

No matter where you are working, you can bring people together quickly with Skype PBX. It is fully integrated into Office 365 —so ease of use is a primary feature. With the familiar Office 365 Administration Console, you can easily configure the system using a range of deployment options.

It is perfect for the increasingly mobile modern workplace and offers the flexibility that most small to medium sized businesses need to be more productive and agile. Top that off with impeccable support and training services provided by a trusted Microsoft partner like Finchloom and you have all you need to implement the Skype PBX for your business.

The decision the migrate to a cloud phone system is one that you have arrived at because you determined it is essential to meet your company's present and future needs. You understand the benefits of improved employee communication and collaboration, increased mobility, and fewer risks involving downtime and security. You have done the due diligence required and know that when it comes to cloud phone systems and cloud administrators there are many from which to choose.

Skype PBX and Finchloom, as part of the Microsoft family, are in the best position to bring your company the transitional ease and exceptional support services you have come to expect from the world's leading manufacturer of software, solutions, and services. Download our free Digital Transformation Guide for Small & Mid-size Companies which can help you understand the next steps to take to grow and scale your business.



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