How to Solve Business Challenges with Microsoft Cloud

Posted by Brian Levine on Sep 2, 2016 3:34:40 PM in Microsoft Cloud

microsoft-cloudThe cloud continues to prove itself as bringing about a golden age in how businesses enhance their productivity and collaboration while securing business data. Microsoft Cloud is the leader in cloud software to help all businesses of any size be able to shift into the new paradigm of cloud transformation and solve their unique business challenges.

Microsoft Cloud provides function and capabilities to solve today's biggest business challenges transforming how your business operates, and ultimately how it performs. Going well beyond the basics of its stellar suite of office software with capabilities you may not always think enough about, such as staying compliant, employee productivity, knowledge sharing, analytics, as well as more efficient document editing and sharing.

All of these make up the important aspects to help a business run more efficiently. While this article focuses on the collaborative and communication capabilities of Microsoft Cloud, it is important to note that with the online world becoming more of a minefield, the Cloud also protects your data, assures you are compliant with data security regulations and provides single sign in administrative management. 

Let's look at some specific collaboration and communication examples of how to solve business challenges with Microsoft Cloud in ways you perhaps never expected it could.

Enhanced Communication Capabilities

In today's competitive digital economy, communication between employees matters more now than ever before. To remain competitive, you want communication power for all critical projects. 

If you have used Word or Excel, you are familiar with Microsoft's Office tools, so you'll be quite comfortable using Office 365 for Business. The Office suite that is included with the standard tools you've used before also includes:

  • OneNote: Share meeting notes, mark up designs or sign documents with ease
  • Publisher: Create professional materials from business cards to marketing materials

For communication power, there are a number of variations from Outlook, including Outlook on the Web, which enhances the ability to communicate with business associates online using the same service. Along with Outlook email, included are Outlook Calendar, People, and Tasks so you can organize the way you communicate and contact both leads and your customers. With just a few clicks, you are able to quickly communicate with employees, co-workers or customers. 

The capabilites for communications go well beyond Outlook itself, however. All of these tools can be fully installed on multiple devices, including desktop, tablets and mobile phones, so you can access files anywhere at anytime, making communications between employees or clients faster and simpler.

Sharing Documents for Collaboration

Working on projects means effective collaboration, yet it's impossible if you rely strictly on workstation based software or paper documentation. Microsoft Cloud makes it extremely easy to share any document from anywhere and off your mobile device with Office 365's OneDrive.

With OneDrive, the syncing of documents makes digital teamwork a breeze. In today's digital world, employees can work from any location, or may be travelling, but time-sensitive projects still need to stay on schedule. OneDrive provides the capability to convey ideas on documents, team editing and document sharing in real-time. It also eliminates the need to refer to other servers to share information because it centralizes all of your data.

It means you and your staff can travel if necessary, share documents digitally, and collaborate in real-time. All cloud data has accessibility 24/7, making it convenient if your staff works in other time zones, including internationally.

Sharing Knowledge and Conferencing

Skype for Business is a well known technology for video conferencing and communication. As part of Microsoft Cloud, it's a tool to hold collaborative meetings with staff or clients--even emergency meetings--allowing everyone to hop on from any location or device without the need to travel to a specific location. By integrating Outlook, you can also easily pre-schedule a Skype HD video conference call using a personalized link making it simple for anyone to join. Skype allows for a capacity of up to 250 participants, so you won't ever need to worry about hitting a limitation or having anyone left out of the video call.

Besides the convenience of bringing everyone together, an added collaboration feature of the Skype integration is the ability to easily share screens as well as real time note taking, which means everyone has the same view, what they need and it keeps the team in sync. As a cool sidenote, each participant's picture can be personalized, so everyone knows who is speaking and what their role is at all times during the video conference. 

Microsoft Cloud makes sharing knowledge and access to experts for answers a painless process--gone are the days of trying to locate someone for answers or waiting to hear back from an email. With Yammer, your team has the ability to use Microsoft's team social tools to get access to experts. When you need expert opinion during a critical business project, trying to get multiple departments together to brainstorm is far too time-consuming. When some of your staff are away due to traveling, it only makes it more challenging.

Through Microsoft's cloud-based social channel, Yammer, you'll break barriers and share knowledge immediately. You'll be able to gain answers to a complex problem in minutes from your company experts.

Analytic Insights

Business Intelligence is more important than ever in determining hidden business realities. You absolutely need to have some analytic tools to give you a 360-degree view of your company's performance. 

While the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform provides a multitude of capabilities, one of the great features is that your business intelligence is built in, providing efficiency and a clear path for growth. Actionable insights are consistently visible and easily developed, giving you all the analytics you need through easy-to-read visuals. Now you can make sense of complex data without making second-guesses and stay on track for your goals.

Bringing a Customized Cloud Solution

Microsoft Cloud provides a multitude of solutions to solve the challenges of any business. We've discussed a few of the capabilities, but its real value is that it is truly is a customizable solution for businesses. Like any recipe for success, you need the tools available to make the recipe specific to your company. There is not a one size fits all structure in today's competitive business landscape, but with Microsoft Cloud you are provided with flexible options to fit your needs and the opportunity to scale with your business.

Finchloom is a Certified Microsoft Cloud Partner based in Los Angeles, and we understand that every business has unique goals and challenges. As a cloud services and solutions provider that specializes in Microsoft cloud solutions, we are able to guide you through your transition to the cloud, hitting every point to ensure success--from establishing a strategy, to customizing the products and services you need to help you meet your company's goals, all the way to implementation by onboarding your users for success.

Learn more about how to move to the Cloud with our free resource, The Guide to Digital Transformation for Small and Midsize Companies.


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