How an Interim CIO Can Manage Your Growth with Efficient IT Solutions

Posted by Brian Levine on Oct 7, 2016 5:00:00 PM in IT Support

interim-cioSound IT management is the hidden key to maintaining smooth company operations, especially during periods of rapid growth. While some executives instinctively respond to growth by hiring more full-time employees, many smaller companies simply do not have the resources to hire a full-time IT professional. Successful visionaries recognize the critical role that the right technology and a comprehensive IT program play in managing a company, and are willing to explore the possibility of an interim CIO.

Seeking an interim CIO is a frequently overlooked yet cost-effective IT strategy that will yield positive results for years into the future. The short-term costs associated with this strategy are far outweighed by the value, experience, and direction that an interim CIO can bring to a growing company. Below is a look at some of the specific ways that an interim CIO can bring value and direction to a growing company.

The Valuable Role of the Interim CIO for Your Technology

An interim CIO is typically brought on board on a temporary basis to resolve IT problems and tackle specified technology needs outlined during the hiring process. In most cases, an interim CIO remains with the company to manage their IT department for approximately 6 months to 2 years. During this span of time, an interim CIO is used flexibly to provide IT support in the following ways:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the existing IT team and any outsourced providers
  • Support the business by prioritizing the delivery of IT projects
  • Recognize the business strategies that depend upon IT professional services
  • Identify opportunities to utilize new technologies like big data and cloud computing
  • Develop risk management strategies
  • Oversee program development and the completion of special projects


Failure to enlist the expertise of a trained professional to handle the above priorities can hinder a company’s growth and diminish its competitive edge. The guidance of an interim CIO will help your company remain poised for success years into the future.

Manage Growth Effectively with an Interim CIO

The benefits of having a full-time executive level IT professional are alluring to most business owners. However, many business owners simply do not have the financial resources to consider this level of IT staff augmentation. Fortunately, outsourcing IT responsibilities is a cost-effective alternative for budget-conscious small business owners who recognize the value that an IT strategy can bring to their companies.

An interim CIO plays an instrumental role in businesses of all sizes by enhancing efficiency and operational stability. By helping a business establish an IT program and make the proper IT decisions, an interim CIO ensures that a company remains on the right track for sustained growth. Additionally, interim CIOs have the expertise to evaluate the effectiveness of IT strategies and make the necessary improvements and modifications.

One of the most critical roles of an interim CIO is to provide leadership when a company is faced with technology decisions. An outsourced CIO can often make critical decisions better than tenured full-time executives because they can view problems and potential IT solutions through an unbiased lens. Finally, an interim CIO will ensure that a business remains competitive by keeping employees up to date on changing technology.

How an Interim CIO Will Prepare Your Business for Sustained Growth

Growth management of a company is best achieved with the guidance of an experienced IT professional. As many growing businesses struggle to adhere to tight budgetary parameters, they possibility of hiring another full-time employee is not feasible. An interim CIO is the perfect solution for business owners seeking a cost-effective alternative to a full-time IT manager. By filling a valuable leadership role, an interim CIO will help a growing company stay on track and employ technology that will help a company remain relevant in an increasingly competitive environment.

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