End of Life of Office 2007: What This Means for Businesses

Posted by The Finchloom Team on Oct 13, 2017 2:01:00 AM in Microsoft 365 and Staff Augmentation

October 2017 is the end of life for Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows-based systems and Office 2011 for MAC-based systems. This does not mean your files will no longer be accessible or that you will not be able to use Office. The software application will continue to work and allow you to open, view, print, and update Office files.

However, there are some vital details you need to know about the cycle of the End of Life for Office 2007 or Office Mac 2011. First off, during the lifecycle of the software, Microsoft provided security updates, patches, fixes, new features, and other such updates.

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Now that it has reached its End of Life, Microsoft will no longer provide these. As such, you could potentially make your Office documents and applications vulnerable to future security threats.

Next, any type of technical support that Microsoft previously provided for either Office 2007 or Office Mac 2011 is no longer available. While Microsoft does leave the knowledge base and FAQs active on support pages, this is the only type of support you can receive.

What Can Businesses Do?

Businesses have several different options and solutions available. They can migrate to Office 365 or Microsoft 365. Both of these options are subscription-based plans to use Office apps on multiple devices, as well as via the Cloud.

Another option is to upgrade to Microsoft’s off-the-shelf pre-packaged Office solution: Office 2016. However, this requires purchasing one version for each computer/device. In addition, you must physically install Office apps onto each device and register it in order for it to function.

This is why a 365 solution is much better for businesses. 365 subscriptions include all support, updates, fixes, patches, and new features. Additionally, when new Office versions are released, you are upgraded to the latest ones for no added costs. With the off-the-shelf version of Office 2016, you must purchase the upgrade to have access to the latest version.

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An even better option is to consider Cloud-managed staff augmentation services to take care of all of your IT needs. Here at Finchloom, we are pleased to offer our flagship solution called WEAVE™. This solution incorporates Microsoft technologies and Cloud-based solutions, along with our IT experience and unique methodologies, to provide you with end-user training, adoption coaching, and optional end-user support.

WEAVE™ consists of three specific components: Teach, Manage, and Support. Each of these components is included in all four WEAVE™ bundle options. The primary benefit of WEAVE™ is to provide businesses of all sizes with a one-stop solution for managing their IT needs and services, without having to worry about security.

As an authorized Microsoft reseller and Microsoft Cloud Partner, our WEAVE™ bundles are endorsed by Microsoft. With the End of Life for Office 2007 and Office MAC 2011, now is a great time to upgrade to the latest Office apps.

Whether you are looking for a complete IT-managed solution or just need to upgrade Office, please feel free to contact Finchloom at (844) 346-2456 today! We look forward to developing a customized solution that best fits your business objectives and budget!

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