Cloud Transformation: The New Modern Super User

Posted by Jim Richardson on Jan 15, 2016 1:00:00 PM in Cloud Transformation

cloud-transformationI really do have a goal in mind. It has always been my desire to help Business Users become better - whether I was working the phones to help sales people on the road connect back to the home office using their built-in 28.8k modem in their modern 20 pound notebook, or whether the new release of an app comes out and I want to show someone the new features.

The following quote is a reference to Michael Jackson, Howard Stern, and Jim Morrison.

"I am the Cloud King. I can do anything."
- Jim Richardson

With Finchloom, I am now able to work to enable a mass amount of Business Users to become Modern Super Users simply sitting at a desk at my computer. It's very "Wizard of Oz"-like. The man behind the curtain. Not only do I setup the services for the organization you work for, but I will also start to communicate with you!

Did I send you messages and small missions to complete - like installing Skype for Business or Syncing your OneDrive. I invite you to Web Meetings to show you how to do things with the tools. I work with you to understand how to use the 24/7 Service Desk. I also keep you informed of things that happen in the news like major hacks and what to look out for, or new products and what I think about them.

All these things over time make you into a Modern Super User!

What's a Modern Super User?

It's someone who uses new apps and technology to get things done "better, faster, stronger" more productivtely and efficiently, and also does it all securely. It is what digital and cloud transformation is all about.

Through the years, I've seen tons of Business Users who come to a new job. They inherit an old computer and have to use old apps to do their job. Maybe their old job gave them modern tools and the new job doesn't. Maybe they are used to using modern apps in their personal lives so it's easier to go around the business tools and use things like Dropbox and Gmail. It is not only a bummer to join a company and be forced to use old technology, it also slows you down from being the best you can be.

Have you ever noticed that when your phone updates (for example, Apple updates the iPhone) you moan and groan that it's all new and everything has changed? But then after a year of using the new system if you look at the old one you make fun of it and vow never to go back. This is the concept of modern apps and technology making you more productive. You just hate change. That's where I come in. I help you adapt to the change and show you how to adjust.

Can you believe 100 years ago, you had to send a telegram to someone if they didn't work in your building? Now, you can TXT, IM, e-Mail, Call, etc...It's through modernization that this is possible. But it's difficult to learn the new tools sometimes, especially now that they are changing so much.

That's why we created Finchloom - to help users like you become more productive and secure at work. Building the Modern Super User by providing modern apps, managing the data, and showing you how to use it all in the most productive manner.

Join me and start your transition to the cloud, you Modern Super User. To start your transformation, download our free Digital Transformation Guide today.


Jim Richardson

About the Author: Jim Richardson

Jim is the owner of Finchloom and known as the Cloud King due to both his experience and passion for cloud services.

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