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Posted by Brian Levine on Nov 11, 2016 2:28:00 PM in Managed Services

Microsoft-Cloud-Services-Team-Support-minManaged Services can handle the IT requirements for companies as a more efficient solution to saves your business money, avoiding the burden of having additional full-time IT employees on the payroll. Microsoft Managed Services are delivered with the expertise of professional providers, allowing lean IT infrastruture and support for your business that keeps you focused on work in order to obtain maximum return on investment. 

Hiring employees to handle IT is time-consuming, expensive, and risky. Working with a managed services partner is the alternative that will deliver results in the short-term and limit risks in the long-term. The managed services option is responsive, flexible and always available to your users when they most need it. Microsoft managed services delivers full team support through its providers. Additionally, companies receive better collaboration tools and server administration as part of the deal.

Software Solutions Work 24/7

Microsoft managed services software provides services such as Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS), twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. EMS provides access where and when you need it while blocking attempted unauthorized access. With Office 365 your employees will stay productive anywhere and anytime, and have a full suite of tools available at their fingertips to make the most productive use of your technical capabilities.

Training, Support, & Management All Under One Roof

Choosing Microsoft Managed Services extends your IT options with software that works for you, in return, it expands your team’s ability to accomplish more tasks rapidly. Finchloom is a Microsoft Cloud Partner that provides the best Microsoft cloud solutions. We offer all of the solutions in one package, including training, support, and management. WEAVE™ bundles comprise focus areas of: TEACH, MANAGE, & SUPPORT. Together these work as an integrated suite that supplements any cloud subscription, or can be utilized separately as needed.

Cloud Training Ramps Up Your Team Using TEACH

As an add-on to Office 365, each of your employees will receive a series of videos and step-by-step guides personalized for their needs. TEACH assists users in learning all new features and helps them understand how to use cloud software for greater productivity. This system allows your team to learn at their preferred pace and on-demand, whenever and wherever they need it, freeing up management, trainers, and experienced staff to work on other tasks.

MANAGE using Full-Scale Cloud Services Administration

Working with Finchloom to manage your cloud services ensures that we will handle 100% of the administration necessary to operate your services. Admin includes managing, creating, and configuring new devices including PC, Mac, and mobile devices. We put the highest priority on data security; focusing on file and email encryption, secure backups, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Get The SUPPORT You Need

Managed services include full Business IT Support Services for the cloud as an integral feature. Finchloom leads in IT support services, providing 24/7 support in operational services and cloud platforms for any device, including streamlined escalation paths for business-critical concerns.


You do not need additional IT employees when Finchloom is your Microsoft managed services provider. Instead, you have a 24/7 software solution to handle most typical IT tasks. Managed services deliver training, support, and management in one integrated package. As a trusted company, Finchloom understands that you need secure and trustworthy service; we protect your information at all levels and deliver safe and reliable code, without the risk of security breaches.

Finchloom has crafted four distinct WEAVE™ bundles that suit our smallest clients to our customers who require the full suite of technology. Finchloom fully supports and manages all features with 24/7 service and support, giving you the confidence that your data is secure. Finchloom delivers the cost-effective alternative to large IT payrolls and you can trust that the TEACH, MANAGE, SUPPORT solution will be the right one to raise the value of your technology and team. Together, Finchloom and Microsoft Managed Services give your team unprecedented support. Download our free guide: Microsoft Cloud Solutions: Streamlining Employee Communications to see how Finchloom can help integrate and manage cloud technology for your business.


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